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  • Lena O-YELP
    Best experience ever! From the phone call to the treatment itself, I felt my problem will be taking care off... and it was! They paid me a visit very same day! Credell Nelson very thoroughly examined my home -not leaving any crevices and took time doing the treatment! Suspicion for bed bugs was gone... spiders  will have to find another place! No more free rent! I Will be happy to call them back in 30 days for second inspection. Reasonable priced, very professional.
    Lena O-YELP
  • Dena P-YELP
    Last year,  I had a problem with yellow jackets outside the kitchen window.  They had made a nest in the rotted wood.  They would go in and out all day.  Pest Control Chicagoland came over and sprayed the area.  I don't know what they used but it worked.  Within 24 hours the wasp were gone.  The yellow jacket airport had been shut down!  It's great.
    Dena P-YELP
    Excellent service! Very thorough and knowledgeable staff!