Bed Bugs


Quick Facts & Identifiers

  • A bed bug is a small insect about ¼ inches long, or about the size of an apple seed. It is flat and brown, with an oval body. It balloons in size and becomes reddish-brown in color after feeding on blood.

  • There may be babies (nymphs) present. These are translucent to white / yellow in color, but usually can’t be seen unless they just ate, in which case they balloon slightly in size.

  • Eggs are the size of pen tips and are pearly white in color.

Bed Bugs

The parasitic bed bug feeds exclusively on blood, making it one of the worst infestations a homeowner can experience. They can enter a home after hitching a ride in your luggage, or attached to used furniture. Bed bug infestation victims often feel helpless as they are repeatedly fed upon, while being unable to remove the insects from the house.

Bed Bugs


Preventative Measures

• The best way to keep bed bugs out of the house is to have regular pest inspections performed.

• Otherwise, be mindful to vacuum luggage after traveling. If you were staying at a house or hotel with bed bugs present, be cautious of bringing your luggage back into your house.

• Inspect second-hand furniture before bringing it into your home.

• Use a flashlight during inspections and check inside tiny nooks and crannies.

• Be mindful of bed bug bites appearing on pets. Inspect where they sleep.

Health Concerns

Although bed bugs are not known to carry and transmit specific diseases, they still pose various risks:

• Severe allergic reactions have been reported among bed bug bite victims.

• Skin infections can develop where chronic bites occur.

• Bed bug infestations have been known to cause severe mental distress. This includes anxiety, insomnia and even a desire to move out of your house to get away from them.

• Take your home back—don’t let bed bugs ruin your life. Contact our PRO staff of specialists for an inspection or FREE estimate.

Signs of Infestation

  • Bed bugs feed at night, without the victim being aware of it. Look for small blood spots on your sheets, pillowcase, or mattress.

  • If you’re experiencing unusual red bites, similar to mosquito welts across your body—it likely means there’s bed bugs in your room.

  • A bed bug can hide almost anywhere, as they can fit in crevices the width of a credit card. This means cracks, baseboards, on edges of carpets, around windows, etc. However, they tend to migrate where they can access a human food supply—which means headboards, mattress springs, and bed frames.


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