Occasional Invaders

The occasional invader is an opportunistic critter that seeks out your home once conditions outside are less favorable. Although they typically live and reproduce outdoors, they may find your home to be a desirable temporary refuge.

Occasional Invaders Include (but not limited to)

• Box Elder

• Centipede

• Pill Bug

• House Cricket

• Lady Bug

• Stink Bug

• Millipede

• Earwig

• Silverfish

• May Fly

• Cicada

These troublesome nomads may show up unexpectedly in your house, where they will bite, chew through fabrics, emit bad odors, hurt your plants, stain indoor furnishings, or damage / chew fabric. The pests may die in your home, and then attract even more pests who feed on the dead ones. To make matters worse, the bodies, shed skins, feces and secretions may trigger asthma in some sufferers.

The types of invaders include various insects, mites, and arthropods. In the southwestern United States, a perfect example would be an aggressive centipede that sneaks into a home and scares the wits out of a poor family. Other examples include seasonal creatures like crickets or cicadas.

Experts pay attention to the environmental conditions that attract such invaders. By altering these conditions, it’s possible to kick the pests out—making this an important part of pest removal and management.

Preventative Measures

• Stay mindful of your front door! The easiest way for an opportunistic pest to come in is when the door is left open, such as when you are carrying in groceries. They may feel a nice temperature from the house, and slip right in.

• Reduce unwanted moisture in or around your home / structure. A de-humidifier may assist with this for the interior of your home.

• Keep your yard or the area around your house clear of nesting sites, like leaf or mulch piles.
• Be mindful of environmental changes, like rain. This is when opportunistic pests may seek out your home.

• Make your house pest-proof by looking for cracks and gaps in your home’s interior or exterior. Use sealants or patch them with boards.

• Be thorough when searching for cracks, gaps and other entry points into your house. Look around windows, doors, eaves, under-siding, and soffit events.


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